How do I finish processing my footage after its been uploaded to FTP?

Contributor FAQ - Last Updated: 18/02/2014

Once all your files are uploaded to FTP and they are complete you can begin to process them for curator review. To do this you will need to login to your user control panel at

Navigate to my upload

Select "Manage Uploaded Videos"

Now you will see a list of all your files on the ftp.  If your files are not showing you can try to refresh and resync the FTP cache by clicking this link

The next steps are the most important as this is where you will have the opportunity to describe your footage.  It's very important that you are as accurate as possible.

You should select 1-3 categories that identify with your loop

You should make a meaningful title.  Avoid using non latin characters or foreign languages.

You can add numbers to your loops but please make sure that it has words with it.

For example:

loop01 is not a good filename or title

3D Blue Box 01 is a better file name

After you have added your categories and title you can start working on your description.  This is another crucial area that customers will be reading to find out more about your loops. Try to avoid batching generalized descriptions and work on each loop as they are unique and should be described as best as you can.

Finally you can start to add your keywords.  You must enter at least 10 keywords that are related to your loop.

Avoid keywords like, vj loops,vj,HD,1080p,stock footage,video,visuals.

Once you have your data filled in you can submit your batch to the curator for review.

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