How do I upload my content to the FTP

Contributor FAQ - Last Updated: 18/02/2014

When you signed up to you should have received a confirmation email to verify your signup.After you verify your email our system will automatically send you your ftp login info. If you don't receive an email after 15 minutes and you have checked your bulk/spam folder you can contact us for assistance. We may need to create a new ftp account for you.

Under normal circumstances your ftp info will look like the example below.

username: your user number displayed like this "XXXX" equals your 4 or 5 digit user number.  You can get your usernumber by hovering over your name in the artist list or visiting your page. 

Example for my user number for artist "Kyle" is 7423.  Just add the letter "u" followed by your user ID number.

password: Your account password

please note* anytime you change your account password this will sync with the FTP password


Sample ftp setup using Filezilla


ftp instructions

We recommend you use Filezilla for uploading your content using the details above. Filezilla is free for both MAC/PC users. Use port 21 during setup. After your content is upload you can navigate to your user control panel to start adding your keywords and descriptions. Remember if you have any questions to contact us. We are here to help.

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