How do I create a Pack (collection) for sale on

Contributor FAQ - Last Updated: 18/11/2016

How to Create a Pack for Sale

1. Visit and log into "My Profile" 2. Click "Packs" on the left menu


2. Click red button on right hand side called "add new pack"

Packs 2

3. Choose your categories (Minimum 1 category, Choose 3 for best results)

Packs 3

4. Title of your pack.  Important (include relevant keywords)

Packs 4

5. Description for your pack (Who, What ,Where, When, Why & How)

Packs 5

6. Add your keywords. Minimum 10 accurate keywords maximum 50.  This is one the most important steps as customers will need to be able to find your work among the entire collection of footage on the site.  Don't spam your keywords and be precise.  If you are adding inaccurate keywords you will be warned.  If you repeatedly get warned your account will be deleted.  Improper keywording hurts the site and other fellow contributors who take the time to do a good job.  

Packs 6

7. Create your thumbnail. Images should be 16:9 ratio.  Include text but keep in mind the final image will be 148x83 pixels.  

Packs 7

8. Create your preview video. Preview videos should be 16:9 ratio and in .mp4 format only.  25MB file limit.  Use MPEG Streamclip or other popular editing software for exporting your video.  Please do not include logos.  Our system will watermark the video automatically.  If you decide to include music please make sure the music is royalty free or CC license which allows use on the website.  Do not included copyrighted music which you do not have permission to use.

Packs 8

9. Pricing: The default numbers shown are the absolute minimum prices for packs with 3 loops.  Please increase your prices accordingly. Prices only need to be changed for resolutions that are in your pack.  There are 3 license types on the site.

  • Performance/Editorial

  • Royalty Free Standard

  • Royalty Free Extended

Prices go from lowest to highest.  For more information on licenses please visit:

Use a calculator to help you decide the right price for your pack. If you have a pack of 10 loops and the normal price is 10 dollars per loop consider discounting the pack to 6-9 dollars per loop.  It's up to you to decided but don't under value your work.  You work hard and your talent, time and hardware costs money so keep this in mind when deciding on a price per loop.

Packs 9

10. After all of the above steps are completed, scroll to the bottom of page and click"SAVE"

Packs 10

11. Now you have created a placeholder for your pack. Navigate to the Packs section and you will see your approved and pending packs.

Packs 11

12. When you are ready to add your files to the pack you will need to click on "My Publications" in the left menu.  If the files you want to add are not live on the site you will need to uplaod and have the files approved before adding to a pack.

Packs 12

13. Select from your search the files for your pack.  Remember 1 pack is minimum 3 loops.

Packs 13

14. After you have made your selections, scroll to the bottom of your list and click "Add to Pack". A popup menu will display the list of packs available.

Packs 14

15. Click "Save".  Your pack is now pending admin approval.

Packs 15

If you have any questions or problems please use our contact form on the site to get in touch.

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