Keywording tool to help with single file uploads and batch uploads

Contributor FAQ - Last Updated: 12/12/2014

Keywording is essential for the site to function properly. With well over 25,000 loops and hundred of contributors with various styles customers are bombarded with colors and themes. It's up to you to choose the right keywords that properly and accurately identify your content. Improper keywording or keyword spamming as it's commonly known is bad for you and hurts the site. We all know that keywording can be tiresome and downright boring. But if you truely take ownership of your collection and are dedicated to doing a good job we can guarantee an increase in your revenue.

With that said we have a new keywording tool to allow contributors to quickly select and add accurate keywords that relate to their uploads.

There are two instances where you can use the keywording too.

  • During initial upload:
  • After files have been uploaded:

Please don't keyword spam! If you do you will be warned. Multiple violations will result in your account being closed.

VJ Loops Keyword Tool

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