Why do I need to add/edit titles, keywords, descriptions and categories? How do I do it? Any tips or suggestions?

Contributor FAQ - Last Updated: 18/02/2014

This is by far the most important thing an artist can do to generate sales.  Customers rely on accurate keywords to find your loops.  Imagine you visit the site and you want to find a loop with specific features or themes.  How will they find it?  They will use our search engine.  They may type a keyword or look under a category.  The site is designed to pull content based on the following criteria:

  • Titles: Please avoid using titles with cryptic filenames. Titles should be descriptive!  Avoid the following
    • Plain numbers without any descriptions like 001, 002.  For example Blue Box 001 is okay
    • Do not include your username
    • sldkfjsdlkfj is not a filename!
    • Do not include resolutions. Example: bluebox1080p is not a filename
    • Use spacing and avoid strange characters or hyphens. Example Blue Box
    • Use English, sorry no foreign languages or characters will be accepted
    • Our website allows you to keep the original filename with the .mov extension but we suggest to create better titles to help in the metadata searches.  Google crawls the site so remember this.
  • Description:  This is your chance to sell your loop to the potential customer.  Imagine you are talking to someone on the phone.  How would you describe it to them? If you have a 1080p full HD loop of a 3d blue box spinning on a black background then maybe describe it like this:
    • A high definition 3d seamless loop of a geometric blue box or cube spinning on a black background.  Ideal for LED installations, club visuals or editing with your creative projects.

This is just an example use your imagination and be accurate and descriptive.

  • Keywords:  I can't stress this enough.  Keywords will make you money!  $$$$  Improper keywords, inaccurate keywords and/or no keywords will only hurt your sales and drag down the site in the long run.  Top selling artists use good key wording.  Here are some key wording tips.
    • Accuracy vs. Relevancy!  This means if you have a time-lapse of a cloudy blue sky then you might want to add keywords like:
      • Good Accurate Keywords: Blue, Sky, Clouds, Outdoors, weather, locations(city, town, state, country),day, night, morning, evening and the list goes on.  Choose minimum 10 keywords and maximum 50.  
      • Okay Relevant Keywords: Moody, beautiful, nice, serene, peaceful, calm, angry,
      • Bad Keywords (Please Avoid): Your username. VJ, VJ Loops, software names like Arkaos, Modul8, Resolume, VDMX, loop, video, clip, stock footage, HD, 1080p, SD, resolutions sizes (640x480, 1920x1080 and so on) improper English, foreign characters or symbols.  Use English please.
  • Categories:  Just like keywords, descriptions and titles well thought out category selections will help customers find your stuff faster.  You have to have minimum 1 category but we suggest add as many as are relevant.  Don't see your category? Suggest it to us and if we think its relevant we may add it

HOT TIP! Use a thesaurus, dictionary and or Google to help you with your keywords, descriptions, categories and titles.  Visit popular stock sites and see what the professionals are doing.

Other information regarding footage:

  • Clip Format: CGI animated footage is not HDV(High Definition Video). So please choose from the appropriate formats.
    • DV/DVCam/Mini DV (older PAL & NTSC cameras)
    • Action Cameras (GoPro, Sony, Contour and other brands)
    • 4K and above cameras (Red, Black Magic, Sony and other brands)
    • CGI (Computer Generated Images) Stuff created and edited with computer effects like 3d & 2D animation, motion graphics and other computer software.
    • DSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony and other cameras that are digital single reflex cameras)
    • Flash Files
    • Film (old school stuff shot on high 8, 32mm, 16mm and others)
    • HDV (High Definition Video) shot with handheld HDV Cameras that are not 4K and above.  This is not for CGI Material.
  • Field Rendering:  Progressive Scan, Interlaced and Other (Please use Progressive Scan footage)
  • Frames per second (FPS): We prefer 30fps but other fps is acceptable.  Example: 24,25,29.97,50,60 and high speed footage as well.
  • Model and/or Property Releases:  Does your footage contain a recognizable face of famous building?  If so you need a model release.  All artists are responsible to upload the appropriate releases regarding their footage.  Contact us for the forms.
  • Google Coordinates:  Add your Google Coordinates so others can locate the location of the footage shot.
  • Free:  Do you want your footage to be given away for free?  While we encourage giving back to the community we do not want artists to give away their content.  If you have a loop that you feel would be an ideal selection for our “Free Download of the Week” please tick this box and your loop maybe selected for a 7 day free download spree.  This is great for promoting yourself, driving traffic to your collection and giving back to the community.

Now adding all this information can be done in a few ways.  Let's talk about each way and what are the best ways to achieve them.

  • Initial bulk upload process:  I think this is the easiest method which is done right after you uploaded all your content through the FTP system.  After adding your files to the FTP you can navigate to your user control panel  and navigating to "My Uploads".  Once you see your files that were uploaded to the FTP you can start the process of adding the metadata.  Don't see your file list or files show errors?  If you finish to upload via ftp but they don't show in the list, please click here. This will refresh the FTP cache and hopefully show the uploaded files. Remember sometimes some file types will be rejected or maybe your connection dropped during upload.  So to ensure a successful upload please avoid the following.
    • Strange characters or non-Latin English.
    • !"·$%&/()=?¿ symbols or coding
  • Bulk editing after files are live:  Navigate to your user control panel and click on "My Uploads". Next click on “My Publications”.  Under My Publications you can see the status of your approved, pending and declined footage.  Notice the selectable tiny small radio boxes.  These white boxes allow you to select multiple pieces of footage for bulk editing.  Once you have selected the loops you want to edit you can click Change to bring up the edit menu.  In the edit menu you have options to choose DEFAULT settings for all your content.  Entering information here will pasted the same information for all the loops you have selected.  Be careful not to add improper information for irrelevant footage.

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